Equipment Lineup

Sennebogen 718

The Sennebogen 718 allows us to safely and efficiently take down trees that would normally require several people and many pieces of equipment. With its 45ft of reach this machine allows us to do the same job with only one person and one piece of equipment. By utilizing this machine we are able to get our jobs done quicker and keep our jobsites safer. This machine also helps us in our mulch yard by sorting logs and loading our grinders to make high quality mulch for your home.

John Deere 644

John Deere 644

The John Deere 644 helps us load large amounts of mulch in a single scoop into our grinders or trucks. With an 8 cubic yard bucket this machine can load one of our semi trucks in just 8 buckets.

Tigercat 620

The Tigercat 620 allows us to drag large trees and brush across our clearing sites. This allows us to setup our grinder or chipper in one spot and bring the material to us instead of moving multiple pieces of equipment around a site. With its 6ft tall tires the Tigercat 620 can tackle any working conditions that are thrown our way.